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Why You Need Home Insurance

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Your home is the place you rest your head each night, where you could be raising a family and making a life, so it is important to make it a priority. You would insure your mobile phone and your car, so why wouldn’t you insure your home? To get the best deal for your home and its contents, use a price comparison tool to dig through all of the options to find a great quote. Here are some reasons why home insurance could benefit you.

Protect against flooding

There are some things that you can’t prepare for, and the weather is one of them. If your home becomes victim to flooding, it can cause expensive damage. You can check with the Environment Agency to see if you have an at-risk property and you can even take out specific flood insurance for your home. This can save you money in the long run if your home ever gets flooded.

Buildings insurance

If you want to own a home and take out a mortgage, it is likely that you will need buildings insurance. This can cover the costs if you need to repair or rebuild any of your property due to fire, vandalism, water damage from pipes or trees falling on your home.

Keep your possessions safe with contents insurance

It’s not all about your home itself – but also the things inside it. We fill our homes with treasured items – some expensive and others priceless. To keep all of your possessions safe you should acquire contents insurance to cover loss or damage to your items caused by storms, fire or theft. This is especially important for people who are renting and unable to get home insurance.

Tenants insurance

As well as contents insurance, people who are renting could consider investing in tenants insurance. This can help to cover any accidental damage done to the rented property, including damage to flooring and curtains.

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Keep your listed building safe and sound

If you live in a listed building, getting a regular home insurance policy could be extremely difficult. Listed building insurance can help to keep your treasured home safe from any damage and help towards specialist help when restoring or repairing your old property.

Protect against third party damage vandalism, car collisions

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying to cover costs accrued by someone else. If your home is subject to damage caused by a third party, having insurance to cover the costs could make the ordeal a lot less stressful.

Students need cover too

Students may neglect all forms of insurance due to costs, but losing valuables in a fire, flood or by vandalism could lead you down a much more costly route. Student contents insurance can help to cover the cost of damage your belongings, which is especially important if you are living in shared accommodation.

Expect the unexpected

You never know what’s around the corner, and insurance can protect you from any unexpected damage to your property. You could fall victim to a burglary or storm damage to your home, which can both cost you both financially and emotionally. Insurance can help to take some of the stress.

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Are Online Comparison Tools The Best Bet For a Good Deal On Home Improvements?

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If you’re set on making some important improvements to your home, you’ll need to find the best people and resources to help you make it happen. Whether you’re planning a huge home revamp, or you’re just tweaking some rooms, getting the most skilled workers in to help you and the finest products for the best deal is key.


Where can you search for home improvement deals?

In stores

Local DIY stores can be a first stop for people looking to make improvements independently. You can be sure to find all the tools you need in bigger chains to start making home improvements. However, to make sure you get the most for your money, it is wise to shop around before settling on your chosen products. If you’re looking for skilled workers to help you complete your home improvement tasks, you can also find relevant businesses on the high street. They can vary in services, but in most towns you can find window replacement companies and carpet fitters. You should visit a number of stores and get quotes from each one to make sure your money is going further. To make the process more smooth and fast, comparing online can definitely save you effort and time.


Yellow pages

If you want to go old school, find the big yellow book! Or even easier, find the Yellow Pages online. You can discover different companies that can help make your home improvement dreams come true. The biggest downfall with this is that you won’t be able to see any quotes or reviews in the book, and you will need to research each business individually, and make lots of phone calls for prices.


Local adverts

If you’re in need of a quick fix, particularly with a plumbing or painting task, you can look in local shops and newspapers to find nearby businesses. This can be helpful if you require their assistance short notice or perhaps you live in a remote area.

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Comparison websites

The best way to find home improvement deals is to put your search into a comparison website. You can be specific about what you want and how much you want to spend. This can help you narrow down your options to find the best deal for your situation. You can compare anything from builders to interior designers to electricians. You can compare quotes to see which business is giving you the best deal, so you can be picky and take your time choosing the right deal.

What types of home improvement deals can you find online?

If you decide to choose a comparison tool to find a home improvement deal, you won’t be disappointed with your options. You can completely overhaul your home and make massive changes, or you can make smaller improvements to add value to your property, and all of these deals can be found on a comparison website. Here are a few things you could do to your home to make it more valuable and a nicer place to live in.


Extensions and conservatories
If you’ve got a growing family, you crave more space or you simply want to boost your property’s value for a better sale later on, an extension or conservatory could be exactly what you need. A conservatory is perfect if you have extra outdoor space, but want to bring more light and indoor living space to your property. If you are keen on turning your 2-bedroom home into a 3-bedroom with an extra bathroom, whether it’s to give your home more value or to accommodate for a larger family, you can use comparison tools to find builders and contractors for an extension.


Gardening and exterior

Whether you want a new shed, nicer fences, pretty pavements or nicer windows, you can find the help you need on a comparison website. You can compare prices and businesses to find the best people to breathe life into your home and garden.


Interior design

Making your house feel more like home is important and can be achieved with some big and small improvements. You can find businesses on comparison tools to help you create your dream kitchen or bathroom, masters of storage for your bedroom, painters and carpet fitters for your whole home and furniture specialists to give every room a new lease of life.


Functional fixes

Not all home improvements are aimed at making it prettier. Some are more functional and often more urgent. If you need to fix your home’s wiring or plumbing, you can find businesses online to help you sort your problems, and you can compare prices to get the best deal. You can also find a range of services on comparison tools to assist you in insulating your home, protecting it from infestations and eradicating asbestos.


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Buying or Renting? Advantages and Disadvantages of Both

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Investing in a property is a big commitment, with the benefit of security but the downfall of being expensive. Renting can be a helpful alternative, but has its own flaws and issues. When choosing whether you want to buy or rent, you need to look at both sides. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option and see which would best suit your lifestyle and budget.



No commitments to one area

If you choose to rent a house or apartment, you aren’t making a huge commitment as you have the freedom to leave once your contract expires. You may be interested in moving to a certain location but want to test the waters first. Renting can help you to get a feel of the area without making the mistake of buying, then changing your mind. This can be especially appealing to people who are fond of moving home frequently. If you enjoy living in various places and have no ties to one particular town, renting can be the safe option which allows you to experience a city as a resident, without committing to living there for longer than a year’s contract.



For some people with fast-paced, international jobs, buying a home isn’t a wise move. Your career could take you around the country, or even the world, leaving your home standing empty, with big monthly mortgage payments regardless. If your job could take you away at short notice, renting an apartment or house gives you more flexibility so you’re not tied down to your home.


Landlord covers maintenance and repairs

One of the biggest advantages to renting is the lack of maintenance work you need to do to the property. If there are any repairs that need doing, it shouldn’t be up to the tenant to fix them. This is the job of the landlord who will keep everything in the home in working order, without you lifting a finger or spending a penny. If you were to buy a house, any maintenance jobs would be your problem, and any repair costs would come from your pocket.

Fluctuating rent costs

When you rent a property you are required to sign a contract. This will ensure that your monthly rental costs are the same each time. However, once your contract ends, your landlord could decide to increase the price. If you want to stay in your rented home, you will have to accept the rising rent prices.


Landlord and estate agent fees to renew or leave

Some estate agents will insist that you must pay fees for various things, such as leaving your property or re-signing a contract. These fees can be expensive and leave you with less money than you had planned on having.


Not getting deposits back

When you move into a house or apartment you are usually required to put down a deposit which secures your contract and will be returned to you once you leave. However, with some landlords it can be hard to get your deposit back as they can insist that you have damaged the property in some way and try to refund you less money. It’s always worth taking photos of all the rooms in the property when you first move in, as proof that you are leaving the place in the exact same condition as before.




Can improve to boost value and sell

You may be keen to buy a house as a financial investment. Some people buy homes for a low price, renovate them, boost the home’s value, then sell it later for a higher price with the intent of making a profit. This can be an interesting and sometimes rewarding way of getting on the property ladder, making some extra money and securing your future with more funds to go towards retirement or your children.


Security and homely

Renting a property may be more flexible and less of a commitment, but it may also never truly feel like home. Unlike when you rent, when you buy a property you are able to decorate and renovate the place and make it your own. This can make it feel more like home, whereas renting can sometimes feel temporary and not very homely. Buying a house can also bring security for you and your dependants as you will one day own the property, and it can be a place to raise a family, then pass on to them one day.


Expensive deposits

Buying a house isn’t cheap. Not only do you need to be prepared for monthly mortgage payments, but you also need to put down a large deposit to secure your home. Deposits can be as little as ten percent of the home’s value, but this can still be at least £10,000. This is a huge amount of money to need to save, and it can take years to save up enough to invest in your home.


Missed mortgage payments

If you don’t pay your rent, you can get kicked out of your property. But the consequences are much higher when you buy your home. Not only would you have to leave your house if you couldn’t keep up with mortgage payments, but you may also lose money you invested in your home in the process. Mortgage payments can also last for decades, so you need to be financially secure and prepared before buying a home.


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