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Stay Fit This Winter

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Taking care of your body this winter is vital. With the cold weather comes flu season and you can
find your body lacking in important vitamins. Follow our tips below to make sure that your health
and fitness comes first this winter.

Join a gym
If your excuse for not running is that the weather is too cold, you need to sign yourself up to a gym!
You have pretend to be out in the summer heat on a bike or picture running down a sunny beach on
a treadmill. Avoid the nasty chills outside by spending a few hours a week sweating it out in a gym.
If you’re not feeling inspired by the gym equipment, join a few classes to see if you can find an
exercise plan that suits you. It could be a lively zumba session to cheer you up on grey days, or a
pilates and yoga class to keep your mind focused and free from outside stresses.

Plan your meals well
It can be tempting to spend your nights after work in cosy restaurants by roaring fires. But doing
this all the time can lead to your diet suffering. It’s unlikely that you will be choosing to eat a salad
and a water every time you go to a restaurant after work! To ensure that your body is getting all the
nutrients and vitamins it needs, you should spend most nights of the week eating at home. This is so
you can prepare your meals yourself so you know what is going into your food. Make sure you are
getting plenty of vegetables and indulge in some carbs to keep some insulation for when it gets icy
cold! You might not feel like eating it, but make sure fruit is still a staple of your diet and make the
most of warming winter stews and soups, filled with vegetables, lean meat and nutritional goodness.

Make simple switches
A good way to get healthier this winter is to make a few simple, everyday changes. When you’re at
work it can be tempting to snack on chocolate or crisps for energy. By switching this for a piece of
fruit, a pack of nuts or an oatmeal bar, you could feel fuller for longer. You can also start taking the
stairs instead of the lift at work or when you’re out and about. If you do this a few times every day,
you’ll start seeing a change in your fitness over time.

Get fit in the comfort of your own home
Going outside when it is grey, rainy, foggy and snowy sounds like something you’d want to avoid.
So if you don’t desperately have to leave your cosy home, you should lock that door, crank up the
heating and get as comfortable as possible! If you want to get fit you can do this at home easily.
There are plenty of great workout DVDs and Youtube or Instagram tutorials to get you moving in
your living room. Invest in a yoga mat, some weights and some comfortable workout clothes. You
won’t even have to leave your home to fit in some vital cardio!

Get a gym buddy
In winter we have little motivation to do much more than leave our beds to go to work. So at the
weekend or in the evening it can be tempting to hibernate. But if you have a friend or partner who
also wants to get fit, you can give each other motivation and inspiration to get moving. Plan specific
days to meet at the gym and book yourselves in fitness classes together. Share and swap health
eating ideas and don’t let each other slack off and skip the gym for bed!

Winter Is Close and Breakdown Cover Is Essential

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With winter just around the corner, you should start ensuring that your car is ready for it. The weather will get colder, the driving conditions become more dangerous and a breakdown could be more likely, or at least a lot more undesirable. If getting stuck in a snowstorm with a broken down car sounds like your idea of hell, you should make sure that you have the best breakdown cover so you can avoid being stuck out in the cold. Here are a few reasons why breakdown cover is essential in the colder months.

Any car can break down

You don’t need to be driving an car to fall victim to a breakdown. Even reliable new cars can have unexpected problems and faults. Even if your car has had a recent MOT and is seen as fit for the road, issues can still arise and having breakdown cover is the only real way to be prepared for them.


Don’t get stranded

If your car broke down in the middle of the city you could just take the bus or train home or call someone for a ride to your destination. But what happens if you break down in the middle of nowhere? You can call for a breakdown service, or find nearby petrol stations, hotels and taxi services. However getting breakdown cover always beats a rough night in a bad hotel or sleeping on the backseat of your car.

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Get the right cover for your needs

Getting the cheapest breakdown cover could end up costing you more, as certain vehicles or situations require specific policies. Four of the most common breakdown cover features are Roadside Recovery, Vehicle Recovery, Home Assistance/Start, Onward Travel and European Breakdown Cover. Roadside recovery helps you either get your car fixed on the spot it broke down, or assists you in getting it to a garage. Vehicle recovery not only does everything that does Roadside recovery does, but it also makes sure that you and your vehicle are transported back home or to your planned destination. Home assistance/start restarts your broken down vehicle within a quarter of a mile from your home. Onward travel insurance can provide you with a replacement car, other transportation and accommodation costs so you aren’t too inconvenienced by the breakdown. Finally, European breakdown cover can help you if your vehicle breaks down. It can assist you if you need help getting back to the UK, accommodation, removal and repairs of your car.

It can be affordable

If your car has broken down and you don’t have breakdown insurance, you will have to deal with the costs of the removals, repairs and getting yourself home or to your intended destination. This could end up costing you a lot of money and you can’t guarantee that it won’t happen more than once. Breakdown cover doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many affordable options available. By comparing policy quotes online you can find cover that fits within your budget and suits your needs and your vehicle.

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Find The Best Deals With Exclusive Voucher Codes

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Long gone are the days of waiting for seasonal sales to come around. You can snap up a bargain all throughout the year with online voucher codes and offers. Here are some reasons why now is the time to grab a few valuable vouchers and codes.

Go on a discounted shopping spree

You don’t need to count down the days until the summer and winter sales to get a good deal on your new wardrobe. With voucher codes you can get up to 25% off certain brands, so you can treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, some jewellery or a full winter wardrobe for much cheaper. Some voucher codes will give you a percentage off the total of your shopping basket whereas others will give you a certain amount of money off. Either way, you can enjoy a shopping spree without the guilt of a tired credit card!

Save Money Today


Buy an experience

If you’re not a big spender and don’t often go shopping, you might wonder how voucher codes can benefit you. You’re happy wearing the same clothes for years, you never step foot in shopping centres and keep a comfortable distance from busy high streets. So how can voucher codes work for you? Well, there are a ton of discounts that don’t involve shopping, but instead going out with your family or friends and having a great day out. You can find discount codes for theatre and circus tickets, bingo games and museum and city tours. So you can guarantee a fun day or evening for up to half the price.

Lose weight and save money

If you want to get toned ready for your next holiday, you can find fitness centre and gym class discounts. You can save money on fitness classes and gym memberships so the monthly fees aren’t too much of a strain on your budget. You can find discounts on vitamin, supplement and diet brands so you can look after your body inside and out without the large costs. Overhaul your body, strength and fitness with cheap protein deals and look after your muscles with reduced price appointments at back pain specialists. You can do all of this in discounted workout clothes from well-known designers. Enjoy up to 20% off a range of health and fitness brands and companies and see the benefits on your body in no time.

Get money off your dinner

Keep an eye on restaurant deals for some mouth-watering discounts at excellent eateries. Treat yourself one weekend to a night at the theatre, followed by dinner and drinks – all at a discounted price.

Take a holiday

Are you feeling the cold yet? Autumn is in full swing now, with chilly breezes and Halloween just round the corner. So why not shake off the cobwebs and ditch the winter jacket and enjoy some time in the sun. There are voucher codes available for discounted hotel packages and flights, so you never have to worry about breaking the bank again when booking a trip away. Whether you want luxury in a 5-star hotel, a fun weekend at Disney resort or a few nights glamping with friends, there is a voucher code for you!

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