Free Things to do with the Kids this Christmas

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Christmas is the most magical time of year for children, what’s better than no school, Santa Claus, and lots and lots of chocolate after all? Making their Christmas special on a tight budget may seem tricky, but there are actually many activities you can do with your kids that won’t cost anything at all!

Writing a letter to Santa Claus

A great, free activity to do with your kids is helping them write letters to Santa! All you need is some A4 paper and a pen, and you’re away! They can write their Christmas list down (helpful info so you know what to buy! Hopefully they’re not too crazy…), and they could also tell Santa how good they’ve been this year! They can draw pictures and decorate them, and then you can leave them out for Santa on Christmas Eve! Just grab an envelope and write Mr. Claus’ address (Lapland, obviously). This is a great way to get your kids excited for Christmas, and it’s fun without having to tear into your budget.

Festive Films

Why not cuddle up around on the sofa and slap on a Christmas classic! In the run up to Christmas, many TV channels will be showing festive movies around the clock. Make some time with your family to chill out and watch a film, to really get you into the spirit of things. Put on your kids’ favourite, or even show them your favourite Christmas film from when you were young, let the nostalgia ensue! Running out of ideas? There are loads and loads of articles online which rank the best Christmas films of all time. Another fun idea is to have a Christmas sing-a-long, the radio will be jam packed full of classics this festive season, or there are many playlists online to be found. Chilling out with the kids with some festivities like these is a fun free way to conjure lots of Christmas spirit!

Family Fun

Gather the family together to play some Christmas games, such as festive charades! Playing board games is also a great idea around this time of year, and if you bought some for your kids of Christmas, you can play them on Christmas day! This is a lovely way to make the whole family come together and get involved, you could even give a prize to whoever wins (a Santa-shaped chocolate maybe?).

Christmas Bakes

Everyone loves sweet treats, especially the little ones. So why not let them help you make some for the family, or for them to give to their friends when they come over for a playdate! If you’re not the greatest baker yourself, there are many festive food recipes online that will help you get started. Things like mince pies, jam tarts, christmas pudding and yule logs are all great examples! Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you could try crafting a gingerbread house together. This can be tricky, but incredibly fun (and even if it collapses, at least you have some tasty gingerbread for you and the kids to munch on). You can use icing, and sweets to decorate the outside and turn it into Santa’s grotto! Ho-ho-how festive!

Making Decorations

You don’t have to buy expensive decorations to make your home feel festive! You can make some with your kids as a fun afternoon activity! Just gather some craft supplies that you have laying around, you can go as elaborate as you like, but you only really need paper, scissors and glue to make most simple crafts. For example, making paper snow angels, paper chains, and snowflakes! There are many guides on how to make these online which can help! Let your kids go decorating crazy with colours, patterns or glitter! This makes a cheap alternative to the shop bought decorations, bringing a homemade touch and great memories for you and the children.

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