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Funeral Costs Soar - But These Brits Are Saving Thousands

Funeral plans are saving UK families huge amounts of money. Here's how:

Have you ever considered who will pay for your funeral? If not, join the club! Nearly half of UK residents leave their families with significant funeral debt when they die.

Funeral costs have risen by a shocking 130% in the last 15 years- The average cost of a funeral with burial is now £4,975!

Type of funeral Avg UK cost Avg Funeral plan cost Savings
Cremation £3,858 £2,695 or £26.06 a month £1,163
Burial £4,975 £3,645 or £27.49 a month £1,330

However, a growing number of clever Brits are making the switch to Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, helping to save their families thousands of pounds and unwanted loans.

These savvy folk understand the benefits a funeral plan provides:

  • Pay at today's prices. You save money by paying sooner and avoiding inflation.
  • Your family has no need to rack up debt on high interest payday loans or credit cards.
  • People over 40 are guaranteed to be accepted without any medical assessment.

Fortunately, it's now possible to scan the entire funeral plan market for the best deals. Companies like MoneySpace even have access to off-market deals that you may not find anywhere else. Plans start from just £5 per month.

They helped Sam to avoid passing funeral costs onto her family.

"I chose a funeral plan after watching my cousin struggle to pay for my uncle's funeral. She needed to find money quickly and had little choice but to finance the funeral by taking out a payday loan. Obviously this caused a lot of unnecessary stress and debt which is still being paid back".

"I didn't want to leave my kids in the same situation so I looked online and found a cheap funeral plan with MoneySpace. Installments come out of my account every month and the cost is minimal"

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What is Funeral Plan?

The cost of funeral plans have been increasing far beyond inflation. A funeral plan allows you to freeze funeral costs at todays prices, while contributing towards the cost to help protect your family emotionally and financially when the time comes.