How to get organised for Christmas

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With less than a month until Christmas, you might find that you’re started to stress out over the amount of things you need to prepare and buy. But with a little organisation you can be on your way to a relaxing festive season. If you get everything in order now, you can spend more time this Christmas enjoying the food, drink and people around you.

Make a list of what to buy

The absolute best way of getting organised is making lists. Write a list for every aspect of the holiday season so you know what you need to buy, what food you plan on cooking, who is coming round for dinner and all the events you’re attending. Getting it all out on paper can ensure that you don’t forget it, and you can refer back to your lists over the coming weeks to make sure you’re ticking off everything you need.

Organise your calendar

Whether it’s your work’s Christmas party, a family party, a New Year celebration or catch-up drinks with old friends, Christmas can be a busy time. Don’t miss out on any fun parties through forgetfulness and don’t end up double-booking and having an overflowing schedule. Keep your calendar organised and up to date with new events. Add alarms on your phone for various events so you can be reminded ahead of time and you won’t miss any plans.

Dig out old decorations

Start early and get those decorations out of storage! You could end up looking for the old tree and last year’s decorations one day before Christmas and you’ll find that you threw them out last January. Hit the sales and buy some cheap decorations that you can reuse every year.

Send your cards out early

Don’t get stuck at the post office a few days before Christmas with long queues and expensive fast-track postage. Get in early and send your Christmas cards as soon as you can.

Don’t leave shopping until the last minute

It’s the same old cliché: the Christmas Eve rush with stressed husbands and dads dashing from store to store, buying the nearest things to the counter. Put thought in your gifts by planning ahead. Make a list of the people you want to buy presents for, and go shopping several weeks before Christmas with the list in hand. This means you can save your money rather than wasting it on last minute purchases.

Have Christmas and New Year plans organised ASAP

If you think you would like to eat at a restaurant on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, or you want to attend a party on New Years’ Eve, you need to start planning now. Places in restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs fill up fast over the festive period so you need to get your name and money down as soon as possible. The sooner you organise Christmas and New Year, the sooner you can enjoy it with a glass of mulled wine!

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