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  • Compare prices from the best UK insurers
  • Cover starts from as little as 91p a day
  • Beat NHS waiting lists & get fast treatment
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What is Health Insurance?

Good health is something that many of us take completely for granted yet it's something that can so easily go awry.
That's why you should always be prepared for any eventuality with health insurance.

Whilst in the United Kingdom, the National Health Service offers free healthcare to everyone in the country, the waiting lists are climbing, A&Es are struggling, and the most up to date treatments are often denied due to cost.

Private health insurance allows you to skip waiting times and see specialists quicker, it allows you to get treated at a time and at a hospital that suits you, and it opens the door to the very best of healthcare facilities ranging from cutting edge scanners right down to the little things like free TV, a private room, and la carte food during any stays in hospitals.

For a small fee, private health insurance gives you access to a world-leading health service without the queues and shared rooms of the NHS. Everyone can benefit from private health insurance and your health is your most important, yet understated, asset.

When purchasing health insurance, you will have to undergo a full medical underwriting. This is when you give your medical history to the insurer as part of the application process in order to charge you an appropriate rate.

Moreover, you may need to sign a moratorium underwriting. This means that your new private healthcare will only cover short term or newly developed long term health issues anything condition that has affected you in the last few years will not be covered for a starting period, and this is something your insurer will discuss with you.

There are different types of policies that you can consider such as a modular policy where you can add on the types of things you would like to be included or comprehensive cover where all ailments and healthcare related costs are covered by your policy excluding those specific conditions explicitly mentioned on your policy as an excluded condition.

Making health insurance claims are easy too. Your GP will refer you to a specialist and you simply visit a private service instead of an NHS one. Once the treatment is complete, your insurer will pay the private hospital directly and you won't receive any bills from the hospital! Depending on your policy, you may need to pay an excess directly to the hospital whilst settling your treatment costs.

Remember that you must disclose anything that may affect your health insurance cover for example, if you smoke or have an existing medical condition such as diabetes. If you do not do so, then the company is legally obliged to refuse to cover the cost of your treatment. You should also declare any changes regarding your health or lifestyle to your health insurance provider as and when required to do so by your policy.

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