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What is Income protection?

Income protection insurance is a type of policy that supports you in the long-term if you become ill or injured and can no longer work. Income protection policies will replace part of your salary if you can't work because of an illness or disability.

We never know in our day-to-day life when a severe illness or accident will occur and income protection partially protects from these by ensuring that if we cannot work due to an injury or illness, we will still be able to get by and survive whilst we recover.

The government's Health and Safety Executive said that in 2014, 1.2 million working people were suffering from a work-related illness. Not only could that be you but also you don't know which injury or illness will stop you from working and sever you from your income. Income protection insurance is essential for those of use who wouldn't be able to afford not working for an extended period of time.

Unlike life insurance, there isn't much of a difference between single people without families and those whose families depend on them for income. Whether you're working or not and regardless of your relationship status, your bills, your rent or mortgage, and your shopping all still need to be paid for.

It's important to note that income protection insurance is extra beneficial for those who are self-employed or who have work contracts that exempt them from sick pay, as they may not have any support should a work preventing illness or injury arise.

Income protection insurance comes in short-term and long-term packages. Short-term packages pay out a monthly sum proportionate to your income but only for a limited period of time, whilst long-term packages cover you until you go back to work or retire–whichever of the two happens first.

You should consider what type of cover you believe is necessary for you, and as these are quite complicated, we are here to assist you. Different policies have different definitions of incapacity in their policies, which can vary from being unable to continue in your current job because of illness or injury through to being unable to work at all because of illness or injury.

These policies however do not cover pre-existing conditions, pregnancy or maternity leave, self-inflicted injury, alcohol or drug related injuries, or those injuries or illnesses that result from criminal acts (eg. breaking a leg whilst breaking into a building).

Protecting your income from future disasters is as easy as filling in our form above. In doing so, you'll be signing up for a no obligation, most comprehensive, and the UK's paramount income protection insurance policy search, which will cost you nothing–not a single penny.

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