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If you’re thinking of getting a new phone this Christmas, make sure you don’t get sucked in by fancy ad campaigns, pushy ‘geniuses’ or the cheapest deals. Doing your research is important when investing in new technology. What worked for someone else might not work for you, so don’t just buy what everyone else is getting. You should choose a new phone based on what you need and what’s important to you, rather than getting stuck in a phone contract that doesn’t work for your lifestyle and budget. Here are a few things you should consider when phone shopping this Christmas.

Calls and texts

Having the right amount and type of calls is paramount when investing in a new contract or phone plan. Some contracts will give you hundreds, thousands or even unlimited domestic calls, but most people don’t need too many minutes or texts. The likelihood is that you make many phone calls using Skype, especially international calls. And many people prefer to message using Whatsapp or Facebook rather than texting. So don’t get trapped in a contract that is giving you more than you need, for a big price. However, if you live abroad from your family and friends, you may need a phone contract that can accommodate the amount of international phone calls you will be making.

Get Your New Phone


When picking a phone contract, think about how often you use the internet, specifically on apps and streaming. If you use the internet a lot, you could invest in a plan with a lot of data. However, if you only use your phone at home, you could find that you spend most of the time connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, so data becomes redundant. Think about how often you use the internet, and where you use it.


Whether you’re a Samsung loyalist or an avid Apple follower, you should make sure that the phone you choose will be an investment and not just a fashion statement. Sure, the new iPhone may be slick, but is it robust enough for you? Do the apps you use the most rely on an Android handset? So before you invest, do your research online, ask your friends and read comparison pages on the latest handsets to make a sound decision.

Contract length

There’s no point locking yourself into a long-term contract if you picture yourself living abroad in the next 6 months. And it’s not a great decision to sign up to a 6 month contract if you know you will be happy with this contract for 2 years. Think about your future plans before you sign the dotted line of a watertight contract.

Grab a Deal this Christmas

Compare prices online

To get the best deal possible, you should compare all your options online. Use a price comparison tool to compare various handsets and contracts and narrow down your choices until you find the perfect one for your budget and needs.

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