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Pet Insurance Guide

Pet owners may a lot of responsibility, and part of this is ensuring that their pets get the medical care they need when they’re hurt or ill. Pet insurance could be the best way of making sure pets get essential medical care when they need it, and it may give owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing their furry friends are taken care of.

Basic Components of Pet Insurance

While the various kinds of policies differ in terms of how much they pay out, and premium costs, most share some basic features.

In each case a monthly or annual premium is paid for coverage, and in the event of a covered condition happening, the policy could cover the insured pet’s veterinarian bills. For most policies there’s typically an excess that must be paid before the insurance will pay out. Pet owners could reduce the size of the excess by paying a higher premium. Depending on the kind of policy involved, the excess might be applied on an annual basis, a per-condition basis, or both.

Types of Coverage


As the name suggests, this kind of coverage typically provides for medical expenses when a pet is injured in an accident. However, it doesn’t generally provide any kind of coverage when a pet needs medical attention for an illness. Some of these accident-only policies limit the total amount they’ll pay out for a single accident, or could only pay out for a limited period of time after a pet is injured.


These policies tend to limit the total amount they’ll pay out for a single condition. Depending on the policy the limit may be a certain amount of money, or the policy might cover expenses for 12 months after diagnosis. Once the time or amount limit is reached, the policy usually no longer covers any expenses relating to that particular condition.

This could be a good option for cheap UK pet insurance that provides a basic level of coverage, but cheaper policies could have lower per-condition limits.

Lifetime coverage:

This may be the most comprehensive and the most expensive kind of pet insurance. These policies typically come with a higher annual maximum, but the policy has to be renewed every year. And as with other kinds of health insurance, the provider may decline to renew based on certain circumstances. These policies are also called annual benefit policies, because they have a per-condition limit that is renewed annually along with the policy.

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