How to stay safe on your bike

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If you use a motorbike to get around, whether it’s to transport you to work or just for leisurely weekend rides, you will want to ensure that it is in good working order and that you are protected in case of theft or damage. You may ride a motorbike for a hobby, or a scooter to and from work, but either way, bike insurance could be just what you need to stay secure.

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Pick the right insurance
There are three main types of bike insurance: ‘third party’, ‘third party, fire and theft’, and ‘fully comprehensive’.

Third party
Third party coverage is the minimum amount of cover you will need to get to legally ride your bike on UK roads. This insurance will cover any damage or injury caused to others. However, it will not provide cover for any damages or injuries you may incur. Third party insurance is basic but this doesn’t mean it is always the cheapest. When comparing insurance policies, check all types to make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

Third party, fire and theft
This insurance is similar to ‘third party’, however it will also provide cover if your bike is stolen or damaged. It can cover the costs of any repairs need or a replacement bike if necessary.

Fully comprehensive
This type of cover will protect you and others if either bikes are damaged in an accident. It will also pay towards replacement bikes and cover any injuries you may have from a bike accident.

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Pay less
How much you pay for your bike insurance depends on a few important factors.
Your bike’s security
If you keep your motorbike locked away at night in a secure garage rather than on the street, this can lead to lower premiums. Securing alarms and locks on your motorbike can show insurance companies that your bike is less likely to be subjected to theft or damage, therefore lowering your premiums.
The type of motorbike
If you have invested in a bike with a huge engine and a lot of horsepower, prepare to pay more for insurance. This also applies to more expensive bikes. Standard motorbikes with no modifications will cost less to insure.

Stay Safe on Your Bike

Find the best quote
Comparing bike insurance online is the simplest and fastest way to get a great deal on your motorbike cover. Seeking out insurance online and comparing your options will help you pay as little as possible without compromising on quality.
To start comparing motorbike insurance, you will need some information at hand. You need to know the model of your motorbike, its registration and the year it was made.
If you have modified your motorbike at all, this should also be noted down when looking for an insurance quote. You should also know the date you bought your bike and how much it is valued at.
With this information, you can start comparing bike insurance quotes online. Use a comparison website to fill in your bike’s basic information and start your search. You can view insurance deals for various vehicles, from motorbikes to mopeds and scooters. Compare all your options, find the best insurance policy and get your two wheels on the road as soon as possible.

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