The Benefits of Switching Energy Providers

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If you find that your household utility bills are burning a hole in your pocket each month, it could be time to make a switch. You could be being strict with your energy use at home, only using energy-efficient appliances and turning off devices when you’re not using them. But no matter how many changes you make at home, your energy bills are still leaving you short every month.

This could be down to your energy supplier, and not because of your electricity and gas use at home. Energy tariffs can rise over time, and if you’ve been with the same energy providers for a long period of time, you may not have noticed your bills creeping up.

Switching energy providers used to be a big hassle, with a load of phone calls to various companies to get quotes. Now, it’s much simpler, as you can find energy tariff quotes all in one place online.


What are the benefits of switching energy suppliers?

Save money

The biggest plus of switching energy provider is the money you can expect to save. If you have stuck with the same energy supplier for several years, it is likely that you could save money by switching. Your current provider may be reliable and trustworthy, but they could also be hiking up prices each year, leaving you with bigger bills every month. You can feel comfortable with a company and be reluctant to leave them, but there are so many suppliers to consider, all with a range of tariffs and benefits to consider.

Dual fuel

If you are using different energy providers for your electricity and gas, you could find that switching to a dual fuel scheme could save you money on your bills. A duel fuel deal will combine both your gas and electricity deals from one provider rather than two. This can often save you money, as the energy provider may offer customer loyalty rewards and discounts for getting all of your energy supply from them.


Better customer service

If something was to go wrong with your boiler or electricity, it’s comforting to know that those responsible will respond quickly and send help swiftly. However, some companies are rated better than others when it comes to assistance and communication with customers. Before switching to another energy supplier, check customer reviews online to weigh up your options. You may have found the cheapest quote from a particular company, but they could also be known to be hard to reach when you need them. So if your current energy provider doesn’t offer great customer service, know that another company out there will.

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Fixed tariff

Energy prices are always on the rise and it can lead to unexpectedly large bills each month. The only way to avoid this is to switch to a fixed tariff. This will allow you to fix your monthly payments, so how much you pay never changes during an agreed amount of time. Your bills will be set to a fixed price and they won’t rise for as long as you’re on that contract. A contract is usually between one and two years long, so that is a good amount of time to enjoy a fixed rate, without any rising prices hitting your bank account.


New customer benefits

When you are with a provider for a long period of time on a regular tariff, it is rare to be rewarded for your loyalty to the company. However, when you first sign up to a new supplier, you could be treated with benefits and package deals that are only available to new customers. When you’re browsing comparison sites to find the best quote, look for any new customer deals and perks too.


How can I switch energy providers?

Check for fees

Before you switch, you should check if your current provider will charge you a fee for cancelling. Not all companies do this, but some will charge you with an exit fee, especially for customers with fixed tariffs. So to avoid a nasty surprise later down the road, find out as soon as possible about any charges so you can either negotiate or be financially prepared.

Gather all the information

When switching energy suppliers, you need to provide some information to get it started. Have a recent energy bill handy to provide your current tariff’s name and how much you spend on electricity and gas. If you want to pay by direct debit you should also provide your bank details when switching.

Use a price comparison site to compare quotes

Once you have all the information required, you can start the switching process. Use a trusted comparison website to display all of the available quotes and offers. You can then spend time weighing up your options and checking reviews for companies listed. When you have found the best quote, the switching process couldn’t be easier. Just select the tariff you would like and the website will guide you through the selection process, Your new energy provider will be responsible for making the switch, so you don”t need to worry about that. All you need to provide is a meter reading if necessary, and ensure that all bills with your old supplier are paid. Your switch will then kick in and you can enjoy a more affordable tariff.

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