Top tips for keeping warm this winter and bills low

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There’s nothing nicer than cosying up inside when the weather is cold outside. You can hear heavy rain hitting the pavement and the icy cold breeze whistling through the trees, and you’re curled up on the couch, with a hot chocolate in hand, fire burning and your favourite TV show on the box. But this can end up costing you, when all of your winter evenings are spent inside, with the heating on full blast. You’re more likely to use your lights, oven, TV and heaters in the colder months, as you need to brighten and warm up your evenings, while indulging in movie nights and home-cooking. There are several things you can do to ensure that you can save money on utility bills whilst also staying warm and cosy at home this winter.

Insulate your house

There could be gaps and cracks in your home that are letting in unwanted cold breezes. This will result in you cranking up the heating to get rid of the chills. A long-term solution that will keep you warm and lower your heating bills is to insulate your home where needed. This could involve filling gaps around windows and doors or insulating your roof to really keep the heat in.

Save Money This Winter

Replace your light bulbs

Check your light bulbs to see if they are energy saving. If not – get them switched! Energy saving light bulbs are an easy and affordable way of helping to lower your utility bills. They can help you save up to 80% less energy and last much longer than the standard bulbs. This means you won’t need to spend more money replacing them as often, and your electricity bills will be much lower each month.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances

If it’s time to buy a new washing machine, dishwasher or heater, consider looking at environmentally-friendly options. These will be advertised as energy-efficient and cost-saving. Although an energy-efficient appliance may be slightly more expensive than other models, it will help you save money over time with lower bills from less energy used.


Double glaze your home

If you have the heating on and fire burning and your home is still cold, you should take a look at your windows. If you have old or single-glazed windows, your home will be much harder to heat. Investing in double glazing will save you a lot of money in winter as your windows will be strong, air-tight and will keep the heat in.

Stay wrapped up

A simple way of keeping warm is to invest in thick duvets for your bed and cosy blankets for the couch. Also layering up when you’re in the house and wearing thick jumpers could help you resist the temptation to turn on the heating all the time.

Save on Your Bills

Buy a smart thermostat

When you put the heating on, you could be throwing money away, as you are paying to heat every room in your house. You could also end up leaving your heating on for longer than needed. This is where a smart thermostat could come in handy. It will be able to recognise how long it takes to heat up your home and will then turn off the heating automatically when it reaches that desired temperature. This not only saves you money but it also won’t leave you worrying if you’ve turned off the heating when you leave the house.

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