Are voucher codes the best way to save money when shopping?

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Money saving tips are always worth paying attention to, but even more so in January. Money is tighter than ever in January, but we don’t want this to stop us the New Year. You can still buy presents, treat yourself and have a house full of food without spending beyond your means. Voucher codes and discounts are extremely helpful at this time of year!
From vouchers to sale shopping, here are a few great ways you can save money when spending this January!


Haggling in a department store will get you nowhere, however in independent retailers and markets you may hit the jackpot. When buying from someone with control over the price of their goods, you should try and lower the price as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts if you are buying several items from them.

Save Money Today

Hit the sales

January sales are here! Some retailers have a sale all the up until 31st of January!

Avoid brands

If you are looking to buy basics such as food and clothes, steer clear of expensive brands. Most supermarkets have their own cheaper unbranded goods which are often no different to the pricier branded items. If you’re looking to buy some new clothes, don’t give in to the pressure of going designer or buying expensive brands. There are plenty of discount stores in every shopping centre and even more online to help you save money. Just because an item has a popular brand’s label on it, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better quality than a cheaper equivalent.

Sign up to newsletters

If you frequently shop at one or two specific shops, sign up to their online newsletters. You will receive weekly or monthly emails, giving you insider information on new discounts and sales. If you become a newsletter subscriber you can often access special discount codes for being a loyal customer.

Shop online

Shopping online is infinitely cheaper than shopping in stores, as you are able to compare prices from various brands and websites easily. You can using comparison sites if you want to compare specific items such as phones and TVs and you can quickly switch between websites to find the cheapest price.

Get Your Vouchers

Voucher codes

Using voucher codes when shopping can help you to make huge savings. At MoneySpace you can find all of the newest and best voucher codes and deals to help you get the most from your money. You can get up to £200 off technology, a quarter off clothes and money off everything from wellness and gym offers to theatre tickets.

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