Want the latest phone for the best price? Here’s how

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Finding a great phone is now harder than ever, as there is so much choice on the market. We all want the newest phones, but they can often be way out of our price range. So we are left with old handsets without the latest upgrades, and we still end up paying a lot towards them each month.

So is there a way to get a brand new, recently released mobile phone without the huge price tag? If you go to a high street phone shop, you will expect to pay through the roof for both the handset and the monthly tariff. However, by comparing prices online, it is possible to invest in a new model without going bankrupt.

By shopping online you can compare not only the handsets themselves but also the monthly costs. But cheapest doesn’t always mean the best – make sure you check the storage on the phones, as you want to make sure you are not paying a lot less because the phone has very little memory.

Here are some of the newest and most popular releases, with a breakdown on just how affordable they can be at Money Space.

Get the Latest Phone

Apple iPhone 8

The latest iPhone will currently set you back anywhere between £700 and £1000, depending on the storage amount. Not many of us can say we have that kind of money, so how can we ever invest in the phone?

At Money Space, you can invest in the coveted iPhone 8 for as little as £44 a month. You can even enjoy £144 cashback, 64GB and up to unlimited minutes and texts.

Getting a two year contract makes investing in this phone a lot easier, as the monthly price is significantly lower than if you only took out a year contract.

You can get the phone in grey or gold on Vodafone.

Apple iPhone 7

If you’re not crazy about the brand new iPhone, but still fancy an Apple product, the iPhone 7 could be just what you need.

The handset was released in late 2016, so it is still relatively new, as Apple tend to churn out new products quite frequently. You can get your hands on a 32GB iPhone 7 from o2 via Money Space for as low as £27 a month.

You can also enjoy £10 off the upfront cost using a voucher code. The phone is available in silver, black, jet black and gold.

Cheap Deals

Samsung Galaxy S8

Not an Apple fan? Not a problem, you can get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S8 on EE with Money Space, for just £32.99 a month. You can enjoy unlimited messages and minutes, 5GB of data and only £19.95 to be paid upfront.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in black and of course features the impressive HD fuller screen and profssional camera.

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